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When do I know I need to replace my mattress?

When do I know I need to replace my mattress?

If your existing mattress has been used for more than 10 years, now is the time to replace the mattress. The possible signs of your mattress are:

・When you wake up, you have back pain and difficulty getting up.

・The mattress is showing signs of reaching its end of life. (Such as: sinking, lumpy bumps, severe stains, exposed inner materials, etc.)

・In existing mattresses, you and your sleeping partner will easily roll over due to the indentation of the mattress. The edge of the mattress can no longer provide the support it deserves.

・The mattress you have used now is more than 7-10 years

Does my posture matter to the mattress I select to purchase?

Yes, during sleep, the sleeping posture will be affected by the pressure points of the body, and the same also affects the support of the spine. Since sleeping posture is different for everybody, the only solution is through actual testing in our stores. Try out lying and moving around on different mattresses on hardness and features, with professional advice from our sales and sleep expert, find the mattress that best suits your needs.

How much should I spend on a Serta mattress?

Serta mattress is a very worthwhile product. When you carefully think about it, we spend one-third of our life on a mattress. You only need to choose the most suitable mattress within your budget. Spending a few dollars a day, you can easily get a healthy and comfortable sleep.

What kind of mattress should I choose? Firm or soft and plush?

Choosing the type of mattress is very personal, there is no absolute right or wrong, so when buying a mattress, we recommend you try a variety of different hardness and spinal support mattresses, and find the most suitable and comfortable mattress for your preference. *For elderly, we do not recommend you to choose a mattress that is too thick and soft, because when you sleep at night, you have to turn over. A mattress that is too thick and soft will make your waist or elbows need more energy and strength to turn over or get up.

This mattress is too soft, doctors recommend picking a firmer or harder mattress.

Most people with spine problems or back pain, doctor will recommend them to sleep on a firmer and more supportive mattress. Because their spine may have been deformed, and soft mattress may not provide enough support for their spine and will make the scoliosis getting more serious. In addition, if you have spinal problem or lower back pain, you should first consult a professional before choosing a suitable mattresses. Please note that mattresses are not medical products, and cannot replace medical treatment.

Mattress has to be firm or hard enough to support body weight?

Nowadays, in mattress design and architecture, the soft and comfortable layer is only adding the feeling of surface contact, and the support of the mattress mainly comes from the spring inside the mattress. Each Serta mattress adopts an advanced and durable supportive spring system as the main structure, which can provide appropriate support and maintain the natural spine curvature of the human body.

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