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iComfort 智能系列
With the iComfort by Serta® mattress, cool, supportive sleep is the priority. This collection is specially designed to keep even the warmest sleepers cool. The key feature is TempActive® Max Gel Memory Foam which is our proprietary material that captures and dissipates heat. The top mattresses that excel in pressure relief and motion isolation.

iComfort Hybrid – uses a Hybrid Coil system as the support underneath varying layers of foams and gel memory foams/span>

All models are compatible with Serta adjustable bed

Featured Craftsmanship

Hybrid Coil Support System

Combines Serta’s latest memory foam technology with an advanced coil system for exceptional comfort and support.

Ultimate Edge Encasement

Prevents sagging at the mattress edges while extending your sleep surface, so you have more room to stretch.

Serta® Foam Core

Our new and improved Serta Foam Core provides durable support for any sleep position. With consistent support from edge to edge, you’ll be comfortably supported all night long.

Cooling Gel support Memory Foam

Cooling gel infused into natural latex, gather under the areas of your body that need extra support while keeping surface cool and dry. With the right support, your muscles can relax and rejuvenate so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Anti-microbial and dust mites Knitted Fabric

Deluxe knitted fabric, anti microbial and dust mites, breathable, abrasion resistance and hygienic.

Stress Relief Layer

Promote air circulation within the layer, effectively reduce the stuffiness, release body pressure, and provide a more comfortable sleeping temperature.

Advanced ComfortQuilt®

The Advanced ComfortQuilt® Technology blends in convoluted layers of quilting to the mattress, helps to disperse weight and improve circulation in the shoulders, arms, and hips.

Mattress Models

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