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Serta Technology

A champion of comfort for all

“Miracoil” chain spring support system

Crafted from refined high-manganese carbon steel to seamlessly

Unique Z-shaped Spiral Spring System

The “Z” shaped continuous spring structure, providing solid and even support.

Dynamic Coil Distribution

Serta’s dynamic designed continuous coils provide balanced support to the body, rather than forcing the body to conform to the mattress. This helps maintain natural spinal alignment.



Vertical Disturbution

Serta’s Continuous Support Innerspring contours to the body, providing correct and balanced support to the entire body. Because the coil rows run head-to-toe, they respond to each sleeper individually and help reduce the effects of one partner’s movements on another.

Advanced Comfort Quilt

Better circulation in these critical pressure areas means less tossing and turning for a more restful...comfortable... night's sleep.

Blends in sophisticated convoluted layers of quilting to the mattress, creating specialized comfort zones.

Lush layers of polyester wadding passes through the Mega Foam convolutions to provide supreme comfort. The ACQ layers are unique for the plush, luxurious feeling and breathability.

The combination of convoluted foam and fiber disperses weight and helps to improve circulation in the shoulders, arms, and hips.

Each of these quilted types has a relatively denser zone in the Centre one-third, providing additional support to the spine.

Rolling peaks of convoluted foam and fluffy fibers provide gentle cushioning for the body. Five zones of convoluted foam provide better comfort and support where the body needs them most.

Best Edge® / Total Edge® Foam Encasement

Additional structured edge support increases sleep surface and mattress stability for a supported and comfortable night's sleep.


Reduce edge roll-off

More Comfortable

Increase sitting edge support. Extra-deep foam rail adding more support to the edge.​

More Sleep Surface

Extend Sleep Surface all the way to the edge.

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