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Mattress Care

Buying high-quality and comfortable mattress is a big investment at home.

Taking good care of your mattress over time will help you get the most benefit from it
for years to come and ensure the hygiene of the mattresses.

1. Rotate and turn to even out wear over time

Rotating is not required, but it can help even out normal wear over time. You can rotate your pillow top mattress as often as once per month, or less depending on your preference.

However, we would recommend for the first year, you do the head-to-toe and top-to-bottom turning movements every one to three months.

*One-sided mattresses only need to rotate the mattress head-to-toe every one to three months.

2. Maintain good ventilation in the bedroom

In order to ensure that the inner material of the mattress is not damp and to increase the comfort of the mattress, the bedroom should have good ventilation and the mattress should be put under sunlight regularly to allow any moisture to evaporate and odours to disperse.

3. Don't apply continuous pressure on the same spot of your mattress.

Do not do a single-point jump or fixed-point heavy pressure on the mattress. This will cause uneven stress on the mattress. Avoid sitting on the edge for a long time and bending your mattress. It will affect the construction of the innerspring unit and the performance of the bed.

4. Don't clean your mattress with water.

Take caution when considering how to wash the mattress in the event of accidental spills or stains. Saturating the foams and fibers with liquid cleaners and water can damage the foam. When needed, you can spot clean stains using warm water and a mild detergent. Then, let the surface dry completely with blow dryer or strong absorbent cloth before putting your sheets back on.

5. Use a liquid resistant mattress protector.

Spills and stains can impact the integrity of the mattress fabric and foams. Severe spills can also cause the foams to collapse, making them prone to impressions which can cause discomfort. A liquid resistant mattress protector will help keep your mattress clean and healthy over time.

6. Take care when moving your mattress.

If you need to move your mattress to a new room, or a new house, be sure to measure the entryways to insure that your mattress can fit through without bending. Bending the mattress can cause damage and void the warranty. When possible, work with professional movers to insure that your mattress is transported without any damage.

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