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Learn more about the Serta Counting Sheep you love not to count.

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No. 1

The Leader of the Flock


  • Origins unknown; believed to be from the Upper Midwest, possibly Detroit area.
  • Types 65 WPM (with snout).
  • Is believed to have military experience; often requests meetings at “Oh-eight-hundred hours,” etc.
  • Becomes uncharacteristically docile while being shorn.
  • Is afraid of thunder.

No. 2

The Assistant


  • Uncanny sense of direction.
  • Believes in ghosts.
  • Frequently regurgitates cud while speaking.
  • Prefers brown-eyed ewes.
  • Can whistle and hum simultaneously.

No. 13

Mr. Bad Luck


  • Wins every Serta Counting Sheep spelling bee, hoofs down.
  • Admires Dr. Phil.
  • Suffers from terrible post-nasal drip in the winter months.
  • Once befriended a blind coyote.
  • Attempted to infiltrate the running of the bulls in Pamplona while on spring break in college.

No. 9

The Sub-Assistant


  • Likes the smell of orange blossoms.
  • Believes in ghosts.
  • Frequently regurgitates cud while speaking.
  • Prefers brown-eyed ewes.
  • Can whistle and hum simultaneously.

No. 86

Benedict Arnold


  • Believes the moon landing was faked.
  • Enjoys zydeco music and dreams of retiring in New Orleans.
  • Was twice refused patent approval for his “Predator Detector” radar system.
  • Secretly prefers hay over fresh grass.
  • Visits his grandmother in the pasture every Sunday without fail.

No. 1/2

The Tweener


  • Thinks parents are lame.
  • Thinks rules are stupid.
  • Doesn’t get why people should clean their rooms.
  • Wants to play in a garage rock band when he grows up.
  • Once dyed his wool blue.

No. 1/16

The Baby


  • Smells good.
  • Likes sleeping.
  • Wants his blankie.
  • Can say “Baa-baa”.
  • Has fleece as white as snow

No. 8

The Dim Bulb


  • Collects antique postcards.
  • Has been called the most photogenic of the Serta Counting Sheep.
  • Often confuses right with left and is frequently lost.
  • Volunteers to digest cud for ailing or aged members of the flock.
  • Knows all the words to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

No. 36

The Leader of the Flock


  • Likes war movies and westerns.
  • Can whittle amazing wooden figures with his teeth.
  • Has great powers of observation and is called upon to reconnoiter anti-Serta locations prior to infiltration.
  • Speaks fluent Urdu, Greek, and Japanese.
  • Teaches Tai-Chi on the weekends.

No. 5

The Sensitive One


  • Been in love 16 times
  • Loves walks in the pasture
  • Reads romance novels
  • Makes origami sheep for all of his counters
  • Known for trademarking his famous jump, “The double hoof hop”
  • Afraid of his own shadow

No. 90

The "Bad Boy"


  • Chief editor on #13’s memoir
  • When spotted, will often bury his head in the ground
  • Color-blind in one eye
  • An avid reader of tabloid magazines
  • Runs faster on two legs than four

No. 53

The "Bad Boy"


  • Makes a mean green bean casserole
  • Holds the flocks grass-eating record
  • Is an avid watcher of crime scene shows
  • Loves sushi
  • Has never won the flock’s Halloween costume contest
  • Prefers individual over team sports

No. 85

The Backbone


  • Prefers Stromboli over pizza
  • Often sings himself to sleep
  • Isn’t frightened by talking animal films
  • Never uses his vacation days
  • Voted “Best Dancer” at DiscoFest, three years running

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